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About Solar

Power your home. Save Money.  $0 Upfront costs.  

Why Go Solar?

You can now take control of your rising electric costs. 

Pay less and save effortlessly with clean sun power.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 3.52.11 PM.png
You don't buy your solar power from the grid, you make it yourself.  Your ComEd bill drops as low as your $16 customer fee.



The household above reached bills over $500.  Now thanks to solar, this family will own their power, increase their home value, and save $$$ on rising energy rates in the future.  


  • Lower and protect your energy rates for 20 years.

  • Panels shield roof from annual weather damage.

  • Maintenance and Insurance included at zero extra cost.

  • Zero hidden fees and non-taxable energy costs.

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